“Oh, Ellen, I have just finished your wonderful book about your mother! The last chapters were difficult to read, because my father is in a nursing home with a form of dementia, so I know something of what you went through with your mother. What a treasure this book will be to your extended family, with all the photos and family recipes!

“Your mother sounded like she had a real servant’s heart, always feeding and caring for others. Since I grew up in Arkansas and had grandparents in rural and small-town Arkansas, much of the “Southernisms” you included were familiar. For example, my dad still loves cornbread crumbled up in buttermilk, eaten with an ice teaspoon. My mother was one of nine children growing up after the Depression, and she tells of many a night when they had only biscuits with gravy for supper. Your book (and terrific writing!) brought back lots of memories for me. I know you are proud to hold your book in your hands after all the work you put into creating it.

“Thanks for autographing my copy, too!

“Tricia (The Dull & the Dutiful)”